VICI valves

Special valves are used during sample preparation in HPLC or GC. These ensure the transport of the eluent into and out of the separation column. The transport of the mobile phase can sometimes reach 600 bar - a reason for the wear of the HPLC valves. VICI is a well-known manufacturer for this and already supplies many laboratories worldwide with high quality VICI valves. Read more...
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The manufacturer

VICI has been playing in a high league for more than 50 years. With high quality products such as VICI valves and other accessories for GC and HPLC, the US company with headquarters in Texas convinces worldwide. The successful producer of laboratory equipment is divided into 6 different subsidiaries. Among them is VICI Valco Instruments - a unit of the company specializing in injectors, valves and detectors.

VICI valves offer

There is a wide range of VICI valves in various designs. These differ, for example, in the number of ways or switching techniques. Nowadays, most VICI valves are no longer switched manually, but operate mostly via electrical circuits that allow more accurate pressure measurement. For the addition of the eluent during the mobile phase, 6-way (6-port valve) valves are usually used. If you have a system that does not work with 6 ports, but with 4 or with 3 ports, we have the right product for that as well. When choosing the right VICI valve, not only the size or the material plays an important role, but also whether it is compatible with your HPLC or GC system. At WICOM you will find a wide selection of VICI valves ranging from 1/32" to 1/16" or 1/8".

More products from VICI Valco

Besides first-class VICI valves we offer further products for laboratory analysis. Among them are columns for HPLC and GC, HPLC detectors, replacement products for HPLC and GC equipment (lamps, gaskets, HPLC flasks) and many more. We are your experts for laboratory supplies and focus on your needs. Can't find the right VICI valves? We are happy to help! Contact our team for competent advice. We will search and find the right model for you.
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