VICI Valve

A valve is responsible for the safe and constant transport of eluents in the mobile phase in HPLC applications. It is quite possible that the pressure handled by the valve reaches up to 600 bar. Thus, it is possible that these components in particular will wear out over time. You have a VICI device and need the matching VICI Valve? You will find it at WICOM.

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VICI Valco

VICI is a company from the USA (Texas), which in turn splits into 6 different subsidiaries - including VICI Valco. For more than 50 years VICI Valco has had the following main products in its assortment:

  • VICI Injectors
  • VICI Valves
  • Detectors
  • Accessories

VICI Valco's assortment includes other products necessary for analytical laboratory needs. Quality and durability characterize their products and make VICI one of the best known brands in the field of HPLC.

VICI Valves

If you have decided to buy a VICI Valve, we will be happy to help you choose the right model. First of all, you need to know what pressure the valve must withstand. This question can be determined by the use of the VICI Valve. Starting at 1000 psi (pound-force per square inch) for GC or 5000 psi for HPLC applications. The next thing to define is how many ports (paths) your system can handle. More complex 6 port valves or simple 3 port valves from VICI can be found in our online store. When purchasing the appropriate VICI Valve, please also pay attention to the compatibility with your HPLC system (or GC system).
Equally important is the functionality of the valve. Should it be operated manually or electrically? Most VICI Valves nowadays work via electrical circuits, which allows a better pressure measurement.

WICOM - Specialist store for laboratory requirements

In addition to high-quality VICI Valves, you will find further accessories from the US manufacturer. These include accessories for everyday laboratory use such as syringes, filters and caps as well as VICI valves and fittings. Benefit from the wide selection of products for HPLC and GC applications. In addition to the inexpensive purchase and the fast shipping of your order, we also offer competent advice.
You do not find the product you are looking for? No problem - send us the product specifications and we will find the right model for you!

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