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Eppendorf, founded in Hamburg in 1945, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality products for liquid handling, cell handling and sample handling. In our Analytics Shop you will find an extensive selection of first-class pipettes, pipette tips, dispensers, incubators, microtiter plates, shakers, centrifuges, freezers and much more. Eppendorf products are used in life sciences, medicine, diagnostics and industry.

Our Eppendorf product range includes centrifuges, pipettes, pipette tips and tubes. Eppendorf products are characterized by precise performance, intuitive operation and highest quality. Read more...

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Eppendorf Centrifuges

Eppendorf centrifuges are known worldwide for their outstanding performance and reliability. Whether you need to process small sample volumes or large volumes, we offer the right centrifuge for your requirements. With innovative features such as cooled rotors, automated processes and sophisticated safety technology, our centrifuges enable efficient and safe sample separation.

Centrifuges provide you with precise and efficient separation of liquids and solids in a wide range of applications. Whether you are involved in biological research, clinical diagnostics, the pharmaceutical industry or other fields - we have the right centrifuge for your requirements.

Eppendorf centrifuges are characterized by their high quality, user-friendliness and reliability. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, they offer you outstanding performance and precise results. Our centrifuges are available with different rotor options and capacities to meet your specific needs. The centrifuges are designed to provide fast and efficient sample processing. With powerful motors and optimized speed ranges, our centrifuges provide fast acceleration and deceleration to optimize your workflow.

Eppendorf Pipettes

Eppendorf pipettes are precise instruments that enable you to accurately dispense and transfer liquids. With a wide range of volume ranges, electronic options and ergonomic design, our pipettes offer a high level of convenience and accuracy. Rely on our pipettes to deliver accurate and reproducible results.

Pipettes provide you with accurate and repeatable liquid dispensing for a variety of applications. Whether you work in molecular biology research, clinical diagnostics, the food and beverage industry, or other fields.

Eppendorf pipettes are characterized by their high quality, ease of use and precision. With innovative design and world-class manufacturing technology, they provide you with outstanding performance and accurate results. With ergonomic design, intuitive operation and precise volume display, our pipettes support you in your daily laboratory work.

Eppendorf pipette tips

Eppendorf pipette tips are specially designed to ensure an optimal fit and seal with the corresponding Eppendorf pipettes. With pipette tips, you can rely on accurate and reproducible results.

Eppendorf pipette tips are characterized by their high precision, low dead space and low residues. They ensure reliable and contamination-free sample transfer. Our pipette tips are available in different volumes and designs to meet your specific requirements.

The pipette tips are easy to handle and offer intuitive use. They are equipped with a unique color code to allow easy identification of volumes. In addition, they are equipped with a universal connector that allows compatible use with the most popular brands of pipettes.

Eppendorf Rotors

Eppendorf rotors provide you with precise and efficient separation of samples in a variety of applications. Whether you are performing DNA extractions, optimizing cell lysis processes, or automating the purification of nucleic acids.

Eppendorf rotors are characterized by their high quality, reliability and ease of use. With innovative design and first-class manufacturing technology, they offer you outstanding performance and precise results. Rotors are available with different capacities, adapter options and speeds to meet your specific needs.

Rotors are designed to ensure safe and reliable sample separation. With features such as automatic lid locking, quick-release latches, and sophisticated ventilation systems, our rotors provide safe handling and minimize the risk of contamination.

In addition, versatile use of the rotors is possible. The rotors are compatible with a wide range of adapters and accessories to allow flexible adaptation to different sample vessels and formats. This allows you to perform your experiments and analyses in the best possible way.

WICOM - Expert sales and first-class service

At WICOM, in addition to the large selection of Eppendorf products, you will receive expert advice and excellent service in connection with our product range. Whether you have questions about a specific item or would like information regarding delivery and shipping, our staff is always available to assist you. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail - we specialize in handling your concerns quickly and comprehensively.

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