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Innovative solutions from Regis Technologies

Regis Technologies, Inc. is an established company based in the Chicago area since 1956. As a global leader, Regis Technologies offers innovative product lines in the field of chromatography. Special emphasis is placed on high quality HPLC columns and the company's proprietary chiral stationary phases.

Regis Technologies' product line includes a diverse selection of packed HPLC columns suitable for both analytical and preparative purposes. In addition, the company offers bulk materials for chiral and achiral separations, as well as specialty columns and reagents of the highest quality.

Discover Regis Technologies' innovative solutions and optimize your chromatography analyses. Regis' premium HPLC columns and chiral stationary phases are popular worldwide and provide accurate and reliable results.

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Regis offers three types of chiral stationary phases (CSP) that allow broad applicability for the separation of enantiomers:

1. Whelk-O 1 CSP:

  • Versatile for the separation of enantiomers.
  • Provides alternative selectivity compared to polysaccharide CSPs.
  • High loading capacity for preparative applications.
  • Covalent bonding for long-term stability and compatibility with mobile phases.
  • Choice of enantiomeric phases allows reversal of peak elution order.

Discover an outstanding method development column with broad applicability to a wide range of compound classes. This unique column offers alternative selectivity compared to chiral polysaccharide stationary phases and is covalently bonded to provide long-term performance and compatibility with a wide range of mobile phases.

With a wide range of particle sizes and dimensions, this column is suitable for analytical to preparative separations. The high loading capacity allows for excellent scalability in preparative applications. The choice of enantiomeric phases opens up the possibility of reversing the peak elution order, providing flexible separation options.

The column is recognized as USP L102 and offers a general purpose Pirkle-type chiral phase to provide selectivity through pi-pi interactions, dipole moment and hydrogen bonding. Covalent bonding to high purity silica allows compatibility with all common mobile phases, including aqueous systems.

This versatile column can be used in both normal and reversed phases, with minimal equilibration time when switching between the two modes. Discover the outstanding features of this column and use it for precise and efficient separations in your laboratory.

2. Polysaccharide CSP:

  • Wide applicability for the separation of enantiomers.
  • Available in both coated and immobilized phases.
  • Guaranteed performance compared to competitive products.
  • Equivalent selectors for different separation possibilities.
  • Compatible with normal phase HPLC, reversed phase HPLC and SFC conditions.

Chiral polysaccharide columns are among the most widely used chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for precise separation of enantiomers. Chiral Reflect columns feature robustness and versatility suitable for a wide range of chiral compounds. With a unique proprietary phase coverage, they offer outstanding peak shape and improved resolution compared to leading chiral phases.

The high resolution of Reflect columns results in a significant improvement in preparative loading, enabling greater productivity and higher purity separations. The columns provide optimal performance and productivity you expect, ensuring reliable results in your laboratory. Reflect columns are available with both immobilized and coated CSP, giving you the flexibility you need to meet your specific requirements.

Take advantage of the attractive prices and fast deliveries of Reflect chiral columns and optimize your chromatographic analyses. Discover the power of these columns in the Analytics Shop and achieve precise and efficient separations of enantiomers. Order today and increase productivity and accuracy in your lab with the high-quality Reflect columns.

3. Crown Ether CSP:

  • The best choice for separating amino acids and compounds with primary amines.
  • Covalently bonded for excellent shelf life.
  • Available in both enantiomeric forms, allowing reversal of peak elution order.

Chiral Crown Ether stationary phases, ChiroSil® RCA(+) and SCA(-), are high-quality, proven solutions for the precise separation of amino acids and compounds with primary amines.

Due to their covalent bonding, these columns offer excellent durability and stable performance up to 5,000 psi (~345 bar). They are available in both enantiomeric forms, RCA(+) and SCA(-), which allows reversal of the elution order of the peaks, providing flexible separation options.

Our ChiroSil® columns are rapidly shipped worldwide in all sizes and dimensions to meet your chromatographic needs. They are available in particle sizes of 5 and 10 µm as well as analytical and preparative dimensions.

The ChiroSil RCA(+) and SCA(-) use (+) or (-)-(18-crown-6)-tetracarboxylic acid as a chiral selector bound to the silicate support. These CSPs are specifically made for use in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

For chiral analysis of amino acids with increased capacity factors, we also offer ChiroSil ME columns. These columns use (+) or (-)-(18-Crown6)-tetracarboxylic acid as a chiral selector bound to the silicate support. Chirosil ME columns offer higher retention and capacity compared to standard chirosil, while the separation factors and resolution are greater on standard chirosil.

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