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With the proven Chromacol™ range from Thermo Fisher Scientific, you have access to one of the world's most comprehensive and renowned product lines of consumables for HPLC and GC applications in our online store. From headspace sample vials to autosampling inserts and robust vial racks for safe storage of your samples, to fully programmable crimping stations that take the hassle out of safely opening and capping your vials: With over 400 different products, the Chromacol™ range includes everything you need for modern high-performance laboratory analytics. Browse our store to find the right Chromacol™ items for your application or ask our service team for advice. Read more...

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Chromacol™ - Vials for HPLC and GC order online now

On this page you will find our current Chromacol™ range. By the way: Of course, you can also use Chromacol™ accessories such as crimp caps, septa or corresponding crimpers together with our high-quality WICOM vials. You will also find suitable vials listed in the store.

9mm Vials with screw thread, amber glass
These amber glass vials, type 51A, equipped with the Advanced Vial Closure System (AVCS) developed by Thermo Scientific, ensure optimal sealing of all samples - no more pushing through the septum! The wide vial neck facilitates filling of the vials. Available with a capacity of
475 µl, 1.4 ml or 2 ml.

13 mm autosampling vials with screw thread, clear glass
Manufactured from high quality borosilicate glass of the first hydrolytic class. The vials have a 13-425 thread and are suitable for use in a wide range of autosamplers - not only from Thermo Fisher Scientifc but also from other popular manufacturers such as Agilent or Shimadzu.Available in sizes from 3.5 ml to 10 ml capacity.

10mm plastic vials with screw thread for special GC applications

Whenever laboratory analysis requires theelimination of anorganic ions to the greatest extent possible , polypropylene sample vials provide a chemically inert yet cost-effective alternative to conventional glass products. Chromacol™ plastic vials are available from the Wicom Shop in convenient 100-packs in 600 µl and 750 µl sizes.

11mm sample vials with crimp caps or snap caps
Vials made of high quality borosilicate clear glass, suitable for most autosampler types. These vials, like all Chromacol™ vials, meet all EU, JPN and US pharmacopoeia requirements. Depending on the application, the versatile autosampling vials are closed with snap caps or aluminum crimp caps. A labeling field can be added as an option. Also available as amber glass variant.

Chromacol™ sealing caps, crimping pliers and accessories

Chromacol 11 mm flare caps
Original Thermo Scientific flare caps in various colors and linings for all common chromatography applications. Compatible also with other 11mm autosampling vials, e.g. from WICOM

9mm screw thread caps with AVCS technology
Their special processing, which prevents septum push-through as well as over- or under-tightening of the caps on the associated vials, makes these Chromacol™ threaded caps particularly reliable for optimal sealing of your samples.

Manual and electronic crimpers, decrimpers and capping pliers
Easy mounting or removal of sealing caps on sample vials.
Classically with manual crimping pliers or with electronic crimper or decrimper tools from the Chromacol™ product forge. Available as universal tools or for different cap sizes. For users of Thermo Scientific programmable electronic crimping stations, additional packs with crimping and decrimping jaws for the different models can also be purchased.

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