WICOM has been reliably and competently supplying accessories for high-performance liquid chromatography, or HPLC for short, for over 30 years. In this area, we carry many well-known brands, which also include Shimadzu.
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Buy Shimadzu HPLC columns

In our online store you will find a wide range of HPLC items from Shimadzu, including for example HPLC columns, microliter syringes and deuterium lamps.

The Shimadzu Company

Shimadzu was founded as early as 1875 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment in the field of instrumental analysis. The Japanese company now has a total of 76 subsidiaries, over 40 of which are in Europe. The European headquarters are located in Duisburg.
The company's product range is versatile and, in addition to liquid chromatography (HPLC, LC and UHPLC), also includes the segments of gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and materials testing.
Choose between the high-quality Shimadzu HPLC items in WICOM's online store!

HPLC columns

For the selection of the suitable column it is important to pay attention to your applied HPLC method with its individual requirements. The detailed product specifications will help guide you during your search.
The Shimadzu brand offers four different series of HPLC columns with strong performance and reliability, each suitable for different applications:

  • Shim-pack GWS: These columns will convince you with a strong price-performance ratio and can be used in a versatile way (for basic and also for acidic components) (pH ranges 2-7.5).
  • Shim-pack GIST: The durable GIST columns are suitable for an even wider pH range (1-10).
  • Shim-pack GIS: Your choice if you are looking for a column with low backpressure and high loading capacity. These Shimadzu HPLC columns are excellent for preparative separations, for example.
  • Shim-pack GISS: Another column variant that can be used for a particularly wide pH range (1-10).

Microliter syringes

During the application of an HPLC method, very small samples often have to be injected, which is usually done using a suitable syringe or "microliter syringe". These usually range in volume from 0.5 μl to 100 ml. You should keep the following factors in mind when selecting your microliter syringe from Shimadzu:

  • Needle tip: Depending on the application, a conical tip (e.g., for punching out particles) or a tapered needle (e.g., for autosampler injections) may be useful, for example.
  • Needle exchangeability: You can also choose between an exchangeable and a fixed needle. A fixed needle allows you to handle it quickly, while a replaceable needle can save you money in the long run.
  • Acquisition volume: You decide on the volume of the syringe.

Deuterium lamps

In deuterium lamps, a deuterium (isotope of hydrogen) is excited to glow - this is done by electrons. This type of lamp is often used as a source of ultraviolet light during laboratory analysis, including during the HPLC procedure. Choose between different designs of Shimadzu lamps and decide e.g. for a simple lamp (without holder and nose) or a lamp including holder.
The performance of your deuterium lamp is already decreasing? Despite their long service life, the lamps are among the wearing parts that have to be replaced at a certain point. Choose a high quality new deuterium lamp from Shimadzu for your HPLC system at WICOM!
Attention: Please always be careful and cautious when handling your deuterium lamp during analysis. Protective goggles should be part of your permanent laboratory equipment. The UV radiation has a retinal damaging effect even in small doses.

Order Shimadzu HPLC accessories now

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