Deuterium lamps

Deuterium lamps are gas discharge lamps in which deuterium (a natural isotope of hydrogen) is excited to glow by electrons. Deuterium lamps provide an almost continuous spectrum of light from the UV wavelength range (185-400 nm) to the visible spectral range (400-800 nm). They are mainly used as ultraviolet light sources for laboratory analytics, such as in UV-Vis spectroscopy or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), where they form the heart of the detector, so to speak.

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Deuterium lamps burn very stably and are characterized by a long service life of 1000 to 2000 hours. Newer models, such as those from Heraeus Noblelight, the world market leader in the manufacture of deuterium lamps, even manage well over 2000 hours in use.

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Deuterium lamps are very demanding in processing. There are only a few companies worldwide that manufacture these special laboratory lamps for HPLC and UV-Vis applications. Besides Heraeus, the Japanese company Hamamatsu has established itself on the market. Some HPLC suppliers, e.g. Agilent Technologies, have also developed their own models for their instruments.

In our online store for laboratory analytics, we offer high-quality deuterium lamps pre-adjusted for all current series of HPLC and spectral analysis instruments. In addition to diversity, we attach great importance to first-class quality in the selection of products. Whether Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Varian, Waters Alliance, Merck Hitachi, Shimadzu or Kontron - we always have the right deuterium lamp for your HPLC system or UV/VIS photometer.

There are different designs of deuterium lamps:

  • simple lamp without nose and holder,
  • with nose or
  • as lamp with holder

Deuterium lamps - offer

Today almost exclusively pre-adjusted lamps with holder are used. The nose on some lamps has manufacturing reasons: Only the light emission window is made of quartz or special UV-transmissive glass, the rest of the body is made of "normal" glass. Today, such a "nose lamp" can usually be easily replaced by an identical lamp without a nose.
Holderless lamps have the disadvantage that they have to be permanently readjusted manually. Such models have therefore been discontinued for several years and have practically disappeared from the market. However, they can still be found in some older devices.
If you are still working with older HPLC systems in which deuterium lamps without holders are used, please contact our experienced Analytik-Shop staff. We will advise you on the selection of suitable replacement deuterium lamps.

Lamp as a replacement

Despite their long service life, deuterium lamps are generally regarded as wearing parts in HPLC and must be replaced - at the latest when their performance measurably deteriorates. The question then arises: buy an expensive original product or look for an inexpensive replacement? The good news is that although there are many different types of device in which the lamps are used, the only difference between the lamp models used is the device-specific holders. The design of the lamps themselves is always the same.
In principle, a compatible WICOM Perfect Light® deuterium lamp always fits into the corresponding HPLC instrument, even if it is not produced and supplied by the instrument manufacturer. Only the holder and the characteristics must be suitable.
In the WICOM Shop we have the right deuterium lamp in stock for every instrument, current and older series. Our WICOM Perfect Light® lamps are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and thus guarantee an ideal fit for your HPLC system, combined with the highest burning time.
Of course we also offer original spare parts and original deuterium lamps from Agilent, Thermo Fisher, Waters, Shimadzu, Hitachi Merck, and others.

Function - How does a deuterium lamp actually work?

The lamp body itself of deuterium lamps is always made of special alloys of synthetic quartz, since conventional glass would absorb most of the UV radiation. UV radiation has a retinal damaging effect even in small doses; therefore, caution is definitely required when handling deuterium lamps during laboratory analysis: One should never look directly into the light of a deuterium or other UV lamp without protective goggles.
To ignite the deuterium lamp, it is first heated with a low DC voltage. This can be recognized by an orange-red glow. With a high voltage pulse the actual ignition is initiated. Electrons are knocked out of the filament. These now absorb so much energy as they pass through the electric field that they ionize further gas molecules, thus releasing more and more electrons. The result is that a stable gas discharge builds up.
After about 2000 hours, part of the filament has evaporated and deposited on the inside of the glass body. This deposit absorbs most of the UV radiation. Fingerprints have a similar effect, so lamps should never be touched at the light exit window. Furthermore, due to the diffusion of the filling gas into the glass body, the ignition spark is no longer sufficient to make the deuterium glow stably. Now, at the latest, is the time to install a new lamp.
For the visible light range (VIS), halogen lamps or tungsten lamps are used. Here WICOM offers both the original and compatible tungsten lamps. As a rule, the products in our online store are precisely marked. With one look at your chosen item you will find out for which models it is most suitable (for example for more modern or older DAD, IBM or Isco models.

Buy deuterium lamp

In our online store, you will find a comprehensive selection of deuterium lamps from various manufacturers. These are designed to meet different requirements and present themselves with different features (for example, with or without pre-adjustment, with operating hours counter, with heat sink, etc.). Buy a high-quality deuterium lamp now! If you are interested in additional accessories: We also offer a wide range of xenon lamps and hollow cathode lamps in our store.
If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. To see the prices, please log in to our online store.

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