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The technique of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, HPLC for short, offers the possibility of separating mixtures of substances with high efficiency. The mixture of substances to be analyzed is carried through the separation column by a solvent. However, the individual sample components pass through the column at different speeds, as they are also slowed down to different degrees by interactions of varying strength. These individual substances can now be analyzed by an HPLC detector as they exit the column. The special feature of the HPLC technique is that it is pumped at high pressure and the separation performance is considerable.

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Buy accessories for HPLC equipment

Many different apparatus components are necessary to carry out the process. WICOM offers you a wide range of HPLC accessories from different manufacturers.

The HPLC plant

Many different components are necessary for a functional HPLC system. For example, at least one pump must be used to move the solvent through the column, the next critical component. Frequently, several pumps are also used. In order for the solvent to make its way at all, it must be introduced with the help of an investor. In addition, an HPLC detector is required to analyze the substances after they leave the column, which then forwards the data to a computer.
However, this is only a rough description and not all: in addition, other elements such as different HPLC valves, tubes, caps, filters, ferrules and HPLC seals are also used. In our online store you can choose between all possible variants of HPLC accessories and consumables.
Among them you will find many well-known manufacturers from the chemical sector such as:

  • Knauer
  • Restek
  • Merck
  • Agilent
  • Dionex
  • Gerstel
  • Halo
  • Hamilton
  • Pall

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us at any time.

HPLC pump

No HPLC apparatus works without an HPLC pump: it has the responsible task of transporting the mobile phase or the solvent through the column. In doing so, it must meet high demands, because even small fluctuations in the mode of operation lead to inaccuracies in the results. Constant high performance in conveying and pressure stability is crucial here. In the worst case, large pressure fluctuations can not only lead to falsified results, but additionally damage the stationary phase.
If you notice a reduction in pressure or air bubbles in the line, these may be signs that your pump needs to be replaced soon. At WICOM you can find both new and used pumps in the store. Even the used devices still have perfect functionality and have mostly come to our workshop through bankruptcies or laboratory liquidations.


The HPLC valves belong to the frequent wearing parts of a system that is often in operation. The solvent enters the piston chamber of the pump through an inlet valve and flows towards the column through an outlet valve - this happens under always high pressure.
When choosing a new valve, not only the material but also the size is crucial. It is very important at this point to make sure that the valve you choose is compatible with the rest of your HPLC system.

HPLC columns

HPLC columns are also at the heart of the HPLC process, as the actual separation of the substance takes place in them.
To find the right column, you should know which material (e.g. C8, C18, diol, phenyl, amines or silica) is suitable for your analysis. The columns are also available with different particle and pore sizes.

HPLC detectors

The HPLC detector performs the important task of component analysis. It, too, exists in different types that vary depending on the application.
In most cases UV detectors are used, which are particularly suitable for the broad field of food chemistry and biochemistry. However, for other applications we also offer fluorescence detectors, MS detectors, RI detectors or other variants in the store.

HPLC detectors and much more

WICOM is your specialist and partner in the large field of chromatography - we have been equipping laboratories with high-quality HPLC accessories for 36 years.
You are looking for a very special laboratory product but cannot find it in our store? Would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us at any time, we would like to offer you the best possible customer service.
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