Restek GmbH offers Restek HPLC columns, GC columns, HPLC accessories and consumables throughout Germany for the best possible chromatography. From sample collection and introduction to separation and quality control, Restek GmbH supplies not only individual products, but complete solutions based on Restek-developed technologies. The result is more than 16,000 products for almost all instruments and systems, with sophisticated logistics enabling short delivery times. Read more...

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Restek was founded in 1985 in the USA by Paul Silvis as a one-man company. In 1992, Restek Corporation, Bellefonte USA founded Restek Europa GmbH. After the takeover by German shareholders in 1999, the name was changed to Restek GmbH. Restek GmbH holds the exclusive distribution rights for Restek products in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In-depth expertisein silicone synthesis and surface chemistry coupled with the theory of chromatography are revolutionizing today's market with superior and often unique products - many common standard products have been further developed by Restek.

Sulfinert®- more sample with confidence

The unique Sulfinert® coating guarantees sample integrity during sampling, sample transport and sample transfer.

Heat shield in the injector

Deactivation of liners prevents unwanted effects even at high temperatures and difficult samples.

Rxi®- more performance more lifetime

Rxi®- capillary separation columns, manufactured according to Rxi® technology, are inert, low bleeding and reproducible. For any separation problem

restek offers the right phase or separation column!

USLC™ with selectivity more efficiency

Unique selectivities guarantee better and faster results in HPLC, UHPLC or core-shell technology.

A new and interesting alternative to the well-known and established HPLC columns.

Reference materials - the Restek quality screen

Reference materials manufactured according to ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 guarantee highest safety.

the development and advancement of technologies makes Restek GmbH a valuable source of knowledge from which you as a chromatography user can benefit. throughout Germany, our staff serves professionals in industrial chemistry, biotechnology, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, and many other fields.

WICOM offers you the complete program of Restek GmbH, from analytical standards to liners and autosampler syringes to GC columns at attractive conditions. Ask us, we will be pleased to provide you with a non-binding quotation or recommend a Restek product suitable for your purposes

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