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As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of high-performance liquid chromatography, the Waters company from Milford (USA) has become an established name since the late 1950s.

Although many µPLC systems such as Acquity and H-Class from this manufacturer are in widespread use today, older systems can still be found, consisting of 71X series samplers (712, 715, 717), pumps such as the 510, 515 or 600 series. and detectors such as the Waters 486 UV-VIS detector, a single-wave detector, or the Waters 490, a 4-wave detector. Pumps from Waters are available with different pump heads, analytical, preparative or microbore. Read more...

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In the field of HPLC with normal pressure up to 6000 psi, the Alliance 2695 with its 2478 or 2996 detectors is still the industry standard.

In the past, the modules were controlled using the Maxima or ExpertEase software packages. With this program, large laboratory networks were set up at an early stage, at that time still using the VMS operating system. At the turn of the millennium, Millenium was introduced, which was replaced in the recent past by the software package "Empower". In the meantime, the version Empower 3 is on the market.

Waters was also one of the first manufacturers of systems for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) as well as high temperature GPC.

If you are using Waters equipment, WICOM is of interest to you in many ways: We not only supply original spare parts and consumables from Waters at favorable conditions, we can also often offer a favorable alternative from our production, be it a pump head gasket for the model 1525, a sapphire bulb for a Waters Alliance 2690 or a deuterium lamp for a Waters 484 UV-VIS detector.

We offer CheckValves and valves (inlet and outlet valves) as well as accessories for your sampler.

Our vials are of course also suitable for Waters samplers, whether you use 2mL vials in an Alliance, 4mL vials in the 48-position tray of a Waters 715 or 1mL vials in the 96-position tray of a Waters 717. We also offer alternatives to MicroVials or vials with V- or U-shaped bottoms.

If you use columns from Waters such as SunFire, Atlantis, XBridge or BEH, we will also supply the original Waters product - quickly and inexpensively. Of course, this also applies to extraction cartridges (SPE) or wellplates. Choose Waters HPLC accessories now!

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