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HPLC sapphire flask

Sapphire pistons for HPLC & GC systems

Sapphire pistons, together with the corresponding seals, are the most important wearing parts of an HPLC pump. These pistons do the actual pumping work in the system. They are made of synthetic sapphire, a material characterized by extreme hardness. Despite their high hardness, they are very fragile in the non-axial direction and must therefore be handled with appropriate care. Mechanical abrasion can cause the pistons to develop small grooves in the longitudinal direction despite their great hardness. The pistons must be replaced at this point at the latest, but preferably beforehand as part of preventive maintenance, otherwise there is a risk of increased wear on the seals.

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An alternative to the sapphire piston are pistons made of zirconium oxide, a ceramic material. These pistons also have to be checked and replaced regularly, as the pressure prevailing in the pump can cause liquid to penetrate the finest cracks or escape again when the pressure is relieved. In the worst case, this can cause the piston to burst.

All of our sapphire or ceramic pistons are produced exactly for the respective pump and meet or exceed the specifications given by the equipment manufacturers.

We supply matching pistons for pumps from Agilent, Waters, Thermo, Shimadzu, Knauer, Beckman, Dionex, Merck-Hitachi, Jasco and many others.

Please contact us and tell us the model you use, we will be happy to find the right spare part for your equipment!

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