Tungsten Lamps

Tungsten lamps, also called VIS lamps, are used as light sources in modern analytical instruments. Especially in measuring instruments for the field of UV/VIS spectroscopy and HPLC, tungsten lamps are built in and serve perfectly as a strong light source. Read more...
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  • Tungsten lamps for laboratory use are often equipped with special bulbs made of quartz, which allows UV light to pass through without any problems. Radiation with a short waveband can therefore be guided by the tungsten lamps. Lamps not suitable for laboratory use do not have a special bulb, which means that the light does not pass through to the sample properly
  • The filament of these lamps may vary from model to model
  • To allow the tungsten lamp to be used with the instrument without extensive set-up, there are pre-adjusted models available
  • The higher the color temperature, the higher the energy produced
  • Other characteristics that depend on the model are the wattage and the lamp voltage.

Tungsten halogen lamps and deuterium lamps

Many tungsten lamps for laboratory use (also known as tungsten lamps) operate with a gas mixture of halogen. Here, the halogen serves as a temperature regulating gas. In this way, overheating of the lamp is avoided.

In our online store, you can find not only tungsten lamps with halogen, but also tungsten deuterium lamps. Tungsten acts perfectly as a filament / filament within the lamp, as it is a metal that has a very high melting point.

Performance and durability

Many detectors work with tungsten lamps and also have a deuterium lamp so that the light spectrum is extended in the visible range. Normally, tungsten lamps have a lifetime of up to about 2000 hours. However, this is always dependent on the degree of use of the lamp. Their wattage varies from model to model and stays between 50 and 200 watts.

HPLC detector

During HPLC, the sample to be analyzed is irradiated with polychromatic light in a column. Depending on the wavelength of the light used, the light source can be a deuterium lamp (for visible light) or a tungsten halogen lamp (UV light with a short wavelength). Thus, mixtures of substances are separated and analyzed.

UV/VIS spectroscopy

UV/VIS spectroscopy is used to detect unsaturated organic substances. With the aid of ultraviolet and visible light (UV/VIS), the light from the tungsten lamps is able to excite electrons. The result of this procedure can be used to make statements about the bonds in the molecule of organic substances.

Further applications

Tungsten / VIS lamps are also used for thin film measurement and for various analytical instruments. Do you need assistance in choosing the right tungsten lamp? Then please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are your specialists for spare parts for laboratory equipment. Accordingly, our tungsten lamps are not intended for general illumination, but exclusively for analytical use in the laboratory. In our assortment we offer a wide range of different tungsten / VIS lamps, suitable for instruments from

  • Agilent
  • Waters
  • Thermo
  • Shimadzu
  • Knauer Hitachi
  • And other manufacturers

Contact our experienced team if you cannot find the right tungsten lamp for your detector. We will do our best to find the right model for you.

WICOM - many years of experience

WICOM has been an experienced partner for the laboratory sector for more than 36 years. Besides tungsten lamps / VIS lamps we also offer spare parts for HPLC or GC instruments and products for laboratory needs. From disposable syringes to HPLC columns and the right lamps for your laboratory equipment - here you will find the right Analytics products. Other lamp types such as deuterium lamps, xenon lamps and hollow cathode lamps are also part of our product portfolio. We place particular emphasis on high quality standards and the longest possible service life for our products.

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