As part of the Japanese Showa Denko Group, column manufacturer Shodex supplies both HPLC columns, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector in particular, and columns for size exclusion chromatography(SEC).

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Particularly proven and well-known are the columns of the ASAHIPAK, AXPAK, CXPAK, ET-RP 1, OHPAK, SILICA and SUGER series, to name just a few examples.

Different packing materials like C18, amino or carbohydrates are covered as well as different particle sizes: Here a particularly wide range is covered, as Shodex has columns with particle sizes of 4.0µm as well as columns with a particle size of 5.0µm, 6.0µm but also 10.0µm and 13µm columns in its portfolio.

We will be pleased to prepare an offer with the suitable Shodex product for every separation problem!

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