ACE (ADVANCED CHROMATOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGIES LTD.), based in the UK, describes itself as a chromatography company dedicated to developing solutions for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital, research, environmental and process control industries. ACE HPLC columns offer high guaranteed reproducibility, good scalability and long lifetime due to high quality standards in manufacturing. In addition, they offer excellent performance with acidic, basic and neutral molecules Read more...
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ACE 100 Å HPLC columns

ACE 100 Å HPLC columns are specifically designed for the analysis of small to medium sized molecules. With a pore size of 100 Å, they provide efficient separation and high resolution for a wide range of compounds. Whether you are analyzing active pharmaceutical ingredients, characterizing natural products, or studying environmental samples, our ACE 100 Å HPLC columns deliver accurate and reproducible results.

The ACE 100 Å HPLC columns are characterized by their high stability and durability. They are optimized for use with common mobile phases and operating conditions and offer excellent column efficiency and long lifetime. Columns are available in a variety of sizes and particle sizes to meet your specific requirements.

For 100 Å columns, ACE offers the following surface chemistries:

  • C18
  • C18-HL
  • C8
  • C4
  • CN
  • Phenyl
  • AQ

The following particle sizes (in μm) are available for these HPLC columns:

  • 1.7
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10

The lengths of the columns range from 20 mm to 250 mm.

Notes on method development with ACE 100 Å HPLC columns

ACE gives advice on method development on the company website: first, one should start a method development project with C18 or C8, as C18-HL (Hi-Load) is the next choice if one needs more retention and more resolution. If one starts with C8, one achieves shorter analysis times and/or less use of organic solvents. Since the elution order of most compounds is the same in the aliphatic phases (C18, C8, C4), switching to a phenyl or CN phase is recommended when the compound needs to be checked or the matrix components need to be resolved. This is because switching to a phenyl or CN phase is easier than trying to change the selectivity by changing the mobile phase. ACE's CN and phenyl phases show a significant difference in selectivity over aliphatic phases in many cases. ACE recommends the AQ phase primarily for applications requiring mobile phases with a high water content.

ACE 300 Å HPLC columns

The 300 Å HPLC columns are optimally adapted to biotechnology applications. For separations of peptides, proteins and other biomolecules with a high molecular weight, these columns impress with high performance and reproducibility. They can be used to perform microscale separations, LC/MS analyses, and high-speed preparative analyses up to process scale. 300 Å high purity silica is used for these columns. The following surface chemistries are available for the 300 Å HPLC columns:

  • C18-300
  • C8-300
  • C4-300
  • CN-300
  • Phenyl-300

The following particle sizes (in μm) are available for these HPLC columns:

  • 3
  • 5
  • 10

The lengths of the columns range from 20 mm up to 250 mm.

Recommendation for the use of ACE 300 Å HPLC columns

ACE recommends the use of its 300 Å HPLC columns for chromatography of biomolecules, especially peptides and proteins. Because these are packed with ultra-inert stationary phases, they have reduced silanol and metal activity that could interfere with separation. In addition, ultra-inert stationary phases perform well even when low TFA levels are used in the mobile phase. Low TFA levels in the mobile phase improve mass spectral detection and also provide an additional means of increasing selectivity and resolution. Another effective means to improve selectivity and resolution is the pH of the mobile phase. ACE's ultra-inert HPLC columns exhibit no loss of performance at a higher pH. Methods developed on ultra-inert columns become more robust over time, as these columns are more reproducible from column to column and batch to batch.

ACE preparative HPLC columns

These HPLC columns have high resolution and load capacity, which is paramount for preparative HPLC. This is because the higher the resolution and sample loading, the faster the pure compound is obtained. ACE analytical columns are the ideal choice for scale-up and process methods. The ultra-activated basic deactivated silica (silicon dioxide) of these HPLC columns has high mechanical stability. Therefore, these preparative columns have a long lifetime. They also impress with very high reproducibility, excellent efficiency and high sample recovery. The following surface chemistries are available for the preparative ACE columns:

  • C18-amide
  • CN-ES

The columns are available in the following particle sizes (in μm):

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15

In addition, the fully validated columns are available with the following pore sizes (in Å):

  • 100
  • 300

The columns for preparative HPLC are available in lengths from 50 mm to 500 mm.

Recommendations for the use of preparative HPLC columns

For maximum load capacity, ACE recommends columns with an inner diameter of 30 mm or 50 mm. If you want to maximize the speed of your analysis, use combinatorial column with a length of 50 mm and a particle size of 5 μm. If you want to maximize resolution, choose a column with a length of 250 mm and a particle size of 5 μm.

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