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Whatman is an experienced manufacturer of chromatography products that include chromatography paper, chromatography separation media, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns and thin layer chromatography support plates.

In today's pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries, companies face the challenge of developing commercially important products with the highest purity requirements. For this reason, chromatography has become one of the most important purification techniques on a process and preparative scale. Separation media with guaranteed uniformity and reproducibility play a central role in bringing new products to market. Whatman meets these high demands and offers you a comprehensive range of chromatography products, which you can find here in the WICOM Shop. Read more...

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Whatman filtration products and syringe filters

What makes Whatman filtration products so well known and appreciated is their outstanding quality, reproducibility and customer focus. The manufacture of laboratory filters has been perfected through the skillful use of innovative, multi-layered materials. Our extensive product line covers all items in paper filters, syringe filters, fiberglass filters and membrane filters.

Spartan Syringe Filters

Experience the versatility and popularity of Whatman's Spartan Syringe Filter, a must-have in your lab for quality filtration. This qualitative filter is ideal for most HPLC samples, especially easily filterable samples in pharmaceutical analysis. The hydrophilic regenerated cellulose (RC) membrane minimizes protein formation and is chemically resistant and free of extractables. The housing is made of HPLC-grade polypropylene for maximum performance. With a diameter of 30 mm, the filter is suitable for sample volumes greater than 5 ml, while the diameter of 13 mm is optimal for samples < 5 ml. Another advantage of the Spartan filter is its universal applicability, which eliminates the need for a separate hydrophobic filter such as a PTFE filter.

Advantages of Whatman Spartan syringe filters:

  1. Universal applicability: the Spartan filter is ideal for most HPLC samples and enables precise sample preparation for reliable analytical results.
  2. Hydrophilic membrane: The hydrophilic regenerated cellulose (RC) membrane reduces protein formation and ensures excellent chemical resistance while being free of extractables.
  3. High-quality housing: the housing is made of HPLC-grade polypropylene, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  4. Two diameter options: Choose between 30 mm (for sample volumes greater than 5 ml) and 13 mm (for samples < 5 ml) diameters to meet your specific needs.
  5. No separate hydrophobic filter required: Our Spartan syringe filter eliminates the need for an additional hydrophobic filter such as a PTFE filter, saving time and resources.

Maximize your analytical efficiency with Whatman Spartan Syringe Filters and experience the precision you need to analyze complex samples.

Whatman HPLC columns

Whatman is a renowned manufacturer of HPLC columns and stands for quality, innovation and highest performance. Our HPLC columns are the first choice for numerous laboratories and research facilities worldwide.

Why Whatman HPLC columns?

  1. High-quality reproducibility: Our HPLC columns feature exceptional reproducibility, so you can count on reliable results, experiment after experiment.
  2. Partisil and PartiSphere product lines: We offer the complete product range of our proven Partisil and PartiSphere product lines. These columns guarantee excellent separation performance and maximum efficiency.
  3. Customized solutions: We understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer tailor-made HPLC columns specifically designed to meet your requirements.
  4. Reliable results: Thanks to our HPLC columns, you will achieve precise and consistent results that will help you meet your analytical challenges.
  5. Wide range of applications: Whether pharmaceutical research, environmental analysis or food industry - Whatman HPLC columns handle a wide range of analytical applications with ease.

See for yourself the precision and efficiency of Whatman HPLC columns and optimize your chromatography results. Our Analytics Shop offers the complete range of Whatman HPLC columns to take your research and analytical projects to the next level.

WICOM - first-class advice and service

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