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Hamilton syringes

The Hamilton Company has been a world leader for many years in the design, manufacture and customization of precision instrumentation, e.g. for HPLC and gas chromatography, automated liquid handling equipment and innovative sample management systems. Founded in the USA in the early 1950s, Hamilton has long been a global company with headquarters in several countries. Hamilton Company's European headquarters have been located in Bonaduz, Switzerland since 1968.

Company founder Clark Hamilton invented the world's first microliter syringe in 1947, a true revolution in medical technology at the time, and thus laid the foundation for the success of Hamilton products that continues to this day.

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HPLC accessories from Hamilton - syringes and more

Hamilton today has a wide range of products and offers, in addition to the world-famous analytical microliter syringes, a variety of products in the field of manual and semi-automatic flow control, chromatography (for example columns for ion-exchange chromatography and HPLC), process sensors, electrodes for laboratory analytics, pipettes and much more. Milestones were and are among others Arc pH and DO sensors, the BioLevitator 3D cell culture system as well as the Microlab 600 dilutors/dispensers and the Microlab 300 pipetting system.

Hamilton syringes - order now in the WICOM Online Shop

Hamilton 700 series syringes are still the standard product in everyday laboratory use for sample introduction in HPLC and gas chromatography, as well as thin layer chromatography, sample preparation and dispensing. Stainless steel plungers in a borosilicate glass syringe body guarantee highest quality and an accuracy of 1% of the nominal volume of a syringe. Of course, all syringes with different needle lengths and needle diameters as well as point styles (shape of the tip: straight, beveled, conical, side opening...) are also permanently available at low prices in our WICOM online store.

Do you need Hamilton syringes with fixed or exchangeable needles? Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced specialists for laboratory analytics. We will be happy to advise you!

Hamilton - Quality syringes for laboratory analytics

Also available in our store are gas-tight Hamilton syringes of the 1700 series or the 800 series with specially protected plungers to prevent unwanted temperature transfer.

For a working range between 1 and 100 mL the Hamilton series 1000 has established itself on the market. These syringes can be combined with common cannulas using Luer-Tip or Luer-Lock connectors (all Hamilton accessories available in our store).

In addition, we also offer matching Hamilton tips for a variety of autosamplers: for example, for devices from Agilent, CTC, Shimadzu, PerkinElmer and Waters. Furthermore, special syringes are available for injection into sample introduction valves from Rheodyne or Vici.

Buy innovative LC columns from Hamilton at WICOM

Hamilton offers cation exchange columns (for example Hamilton PRP-X200, X400, X800) as well as anion exchange columns (Hamilton PRP-X100, X500, X600) and ion exclusion columns (PRP-X300). Hamilton's PRP-1 and -3 series polymer, also known as PS-DVB, is a highly resistant material developed specifically for high-pressure applications in Hamilton's own laboratory. The high degree of cross-linking with divinylbenzene makes HPLC And GC columns made from this polymer extremely durable and pressure resistant.

Did you also know that Hamilton HxSil C8 and C18 columns have a greater retention capacity than most conventional HPLC columns? This enables the separation of components that cannot be separated with other C8 and C18 columns. All described column types and original accessories from Hamilton for your HPLC system are of course in stock for you in our store.

Liquid handling with Microlab applications from Hamilton

The MICROLAB 500 dilutors and dispensers are precision liquid handling instruments based on Hamilton's world-renowned syringe technology. The semi-automatic instruments use displacement to achieve highly accurate fluid aspiration and dispensing.

A simple push of the button or foot switch activates the syringe's precision drive to aspirate or dispense the desired volume of fluid. The Hamilton ML625 dual syringe dilutor features two syringe drives and a valve positioner. This pump is designed by Hamilton for applications where multiple individual samples need to be diluted with the same dilution solution, such as blood alcohol analysis, sample preparation for HPLC, GC, ICP, AAS and other analytical measurements.

Ask our customer service in the online store about Hamilton's Microlab solutions. We will put together the accessories optimized for your laboratory applications.

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