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WICOM has specialized in the field of separation technology for over 25 years. We are your contact when it comes to accessories for the field of HPLC and GC methodology.
Modern chromatography methods require a wide range of accessories - in addition to a detector and a mixing chamber, a separation column is also needed. Hamilton produces HPLC columns for all conceivable applications.
Convince yourself of the high quality of the laboratory articles from the experienced family-owned company Hamilton! WICOM offers you a wide range of HPLC columns and other accessories from Hamilton to choose from.

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Hamilton, a family-owned company, is active worldwide in the manufacture of laboratory equipment - including, for as long as 25 years, the production of polymer-based HPLC columns, which are used, among other things, for reversed-phase chromatography. Hamilton also produces HPLC columns with silica-based stationary phases. The company is not only the market leader for HPLC columns, but also specializes in products for dosing liquid and gaseous samples.
Find your HPLC column or other chromatography accessories from Hamilton now at WICOM!

HPLC columns

Hamilton uses a particularly resistant polymeric material for its columns as the basis for all packing materials used. This resistance to applications under high pressure (up to more than 500psi) results from the high number of cross-links with divinylbenzene. As a result, swelling in solvents such as chloroform does not play a major role. The HPLC columns can also be used at high temperatures and ph ranges between 1 and 13. For cleaning, the use of a hydroxide solution is possible.
When selecting the exact column type, and consequently also the packing material, you should be aware of the applications for which the column is to be used. The particle size (here between 3 and 10 µm) is also decisive. Hamilton offers you a wide selection here:

  • Anion exchange columns: these are particularly suitable for the turbidity of organic and inorganic anions, carbohydrates and DNA. Hamilton offers these columns in a total of six packing materials: X100 (for anions from 10 ppb to 500 ppm), X110/110S (for anions from 20 ppb to 20 ppm), X500 (for proteins), X600 (for DNA and proteins), RCX-10 (for hydrocarbons) and RCX-30 (for complex hydrocarbons).
  • Cation Exchange Columns: These columns with polymeric packing material are suitable for the separation of organic acids, inorganic or organic cations and glycophosphates. Four subtypes exist: X200 (for mono- and divalent cations between 20 ppb and 200 ppm), X400 (for glycophosphates), X800 (for transition metals), and HC75 (for organic acids, sugars, and disaccharides).
  • Ion exclusion columns: The polymeric material of these columns can be used to separate organic acids or alcohols, for example.
  • HX-Sil: Here, an even higher retention capacity is available, so that these columns can be used primarily for substances that could not be separated with other columns. They are available in the types C8 (good endcapping, high selectivity, short retention times) and C18 (slightly increased retention time compared to C8).

HPLC precolumns

A precolumn can extend the lifetime of your HPLC column. Protect your column from contamination with a precolumn from Hamilton!
A precolumn can also keep out molecules that would otherwise form an irreversible bond with the column material. It is important for careful use to change this precolumn regularly. For example, a steady increase in back pressure will tell you when such replacement should occur.

Other accessories from Hamilton

In addition to HPLC columns, Hamilton is particularly well known for its GC and HPLC autosampler syringes, as well as syringe accessories in general (such as replacement needles). At WICOM you can find besides the columns also a wide range of other high quality accessories from Hamilton.


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