HPLC columns from Kromasil®

Kromasil® specializes in the production of fully spherical silica particles for HPLC. These silica particles provide outstanding efficiency and separation performance to achieve accurate and reliable analytical results. Our product range includes pure silica particles as well as particles with various surface modifications for normal phase, reversed phase and chiral applications. Read more...

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Versatile selection of Kromasil® HPLC columns

With Kromasil® HPLC columns such as Kromasil 100 or EternityXT in different versions such as C8 or C18 according to the respective phase, you can precisely separate and analyze a wide range of compounds. Our normal phase columns are ideal for separating polar compounds, while our reversed phase columns can separate a wide range of compounds in different solvent combinations. For chiral applications, we offer specialized columns that enable efficient separation of enantiomers.

Highest quality standards for Kromasil® HPLC columns

Nouryon's Kromasil® HPLC columns are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each column is carefully tested to ensure high reproducibility and robustness. Our commitment to quality and performance makes Kromasil® a trusted choice for scientists and analysts around the world.

Discover the benefits of Nouryon's Kromasil® HPLC columns and improve your chromatographic analysis. These products offer you precise separations, high efficiency, and long life. Rely on the brand that stands for reliability and quality.

WICOM - your competent partner

Order your Kromasil® 100 HPLC columns today and achieve outstanding analytical results! At WICOM, you can expect not only a diverse selection of high-quality Kromasil® products, but also competent advice on our product range. Whether you have questions about a specific item or need information about delivery and shipping costs - we are at your disposal. Contact us at any time by phone or e-mail and we will discuss your request in detail and provide you with the best possible support.

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