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Since its foundation in 1911 in Düren, Westphalia, MACHEREY-NAGEL has stood for the highest international quality standards in molecular biological and chemical analysis. In our Analytics Shop you can order filter paper, rapid tests, technology and accessories for HPLC, GC, water analysis, liquid chromatography and bioanalysis from Macherey-Nagel online as in the catalog.

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HPLC columns, filter paper and HPLC accessories

With more than 4000 different accessories for HPLC, DC, GC and SPE applications and another 3000 application-oriented accessories, Macherey-Nagel supports the daily work of laboratory technicians worldwide. Silica gel: NUCLEODUR®, Nucleoshell®; HPLC separation columns; universal special indicator paper: DUOTEST, TRITEST ; PH test paper:ph-Fix, PEHANON®; rapid test strips; test strips: Quantofix®,AQUADUR®, AQUADUR® Sensitive, PEHANON®. All HPLC columns designed for NUCLEOShell® and NUCLEODUR® applications can be stored unused for at least 2 years without any problems. Under optimized storage conditions, no noticeable loss of separability and general performance of your Macherey-Nagel HPLC columns is expected even after 5 years. For further information on storage and stock-keeping of HPLC products, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced support staff

Buy filter paper for laboratory analytics here in the store

Macherey-Nagel operates its own paper mill, which specializes in the production of filtration paper for laboratory applications. A total of approx. 7000 different articles from this market segment are produced, including numerous international patents and special papers in special sizes. Common to all filtration papers from Macherey-Nagel is the quality seal "Made in Germany" and their reliable functionality - for batch-independent filtration results that can be reproduced at any time. In our online store you will find the optimal filter paper from Macherey-Nagel for all types of applications at low prices and also in large quantities: e.g. qualitative filter paper for clear filtration, with high retention capacity and slow filtration speed or ash-free filter papers for use in gravimetric analyses, the quantitative determination of residues and purification processes of all kinds. We also have the patented PORAFIL ® membrane filters and the CHROMAFIL ® syringe filters from Macherey-Nagel in stock for you in numerous designs. Please contact our sales staff for assistance in selecting suitable Macherey-Nagel filter papers and filter attachments for your laboratory applications

DUOTEST, Quantofix®, Aquadur® - Top products from Macherey-Nagel

One of Macherey-Nagel's core competencies has always been the production of high-quality test papers and test strips for laboratory analysis, for example for the simple determination of the PH value of a solution. PH test papers from Macherey-Nagel are available in our store in different versions: ph-Fix: probably the most widely used ph indicator stick in the laboratory (suitable for all applications); PEHANON®: for ph measurement in colored solutions (available in the practical storage tin from 200 pieces); DUOTEST: Patented special indicator paper with two indicator zones for higher accuracy (available from 1 roll of 5 m, as a collection box with 10 rolls or as a refill pack); TRITEST: Patented special indicator paper with three indicator zones for measurement results of the highest precision (available in rolls of 5 od. 6 m and as refill pack)

In addition, Macherey-Nagel offers a wide range of accessories for rapid test procedures of all kinds: Universal and special indicator papers: rapid test strips and indicator papers in proven quality for numerous analytics applications - detecting ammonia, chlorine, fluoride, ozone and many other substances in samples quickly and reliably; QUANTOFIX® test sticks: one of the world's best-selling products from Macherey-Nagel. The QUANTOFIX® range of test strips are designed for single use and are equally suitable for use in areas as diverse as aquaculture, electroplating, medicine, metalworking and the food industry; urine test strips for medical and pharmaceutical applications. The urine test strips from Macherey-Nagel are characterized by a high resistance to interference from ascorbic acid and, thanks to their flexible shape, are also suitable for testing small and very small samples; AQUADUR® / AQUADUR® Sensitive for determining water hardness: Test strips developed by Macherey-Nagel for determining water hardness quickly and easily by measuring the content of calcium and magnesium salts. Applications for Aquadur products include the textile industry, laundries and waterworks

Macherey-Nagel - Experts for HPLC columns and HPLC accessories

The development and production of our own base silica gels and polymer resins for use as separation media in thin-layer and column chromatography forms another mainstay in Macherey-Nagel's extensive product portfolio. With more than 4000 different accessories for HPLC, DC, GC and SPE applications and another 3000 application-oriented accessories, Macherey-Nagel supports the daily work of laboratory technicians worldwide. In our store we offer a wide range of Macherey-Nagel HPLC columns and accessories for your HPLC and GC systems, including the NUCLEOSHELL® series of silica gels based on innovative core-shell technology, the proven NUCLEODUR® and matching HPLC precolumns and separation columns

NUCLEODUR® - A quality product from Macherey-Nagel

As a so-called "3rd generation silica gel", the fully synthetic silica gel NUCLEODUR® developed by Macherey-Nagel is characterized by a number of special physical properties. The most important features of NUCLEODUR® are: completely spherical particle shape; uniform surface structure, even in the microscopic range; extremely high pressure stability; overall low metal content. With this silica gel, Macherey-Nagel has succeeded in developing a contemporary product that is ideally suited as a base material for modern HPLC phases. Here you will find our range of Nucleodur® silica gels and HPLC columns in the WICOM Shop

Innovation in the separation process - NUCLEOSHELL® from Macherey-Nagel

The demands placed on HPLC methods - especially with regard to the expected separation performance and the required detection limits - have risen steadily in recent years. In addition, the time required for an average analysis has increased significantly. The development of core-shell technology has set new standards for increasing efficiency in research and quality assurance. With the NUCLEOSHELL® product range, Macherey-Nagel offers novel silica gel phases based on the core-shell method. The special properties of NUCLEOSHELL® silica gels: solid core of silica; uniform shell of porous silica gel; high pressure stability up to 600 bar; significantly increased efficiency compared to traditional, fully porous separation phase materials; can also be used on conventional LC systems (due to reduced back pressure); Physical data: Pore size 90 Å; particle size 2.7 µm (core 1.7 µm); specific surface area 130 m2/g

Order Nucleoshell® silica gels and matching HPLC separation columns now in our store

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