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HPLC columns are indispensable instruments in high-performance liquid chromatography today. Because they are so important, they are produced by many manufacturers. At WICOM, we have a wide range of HPLC columns from different manufacturers ready to meet the most diverse requirements of any HPLC phase.

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Known HPLC column manufacturers


  • Mode: what mainly needs to be considered when buying an HPLC column is the chromatographic phase in which it will be used.
  • Material: HPLC column manufacturers mostly focus on amino, C8, C18, cyano, diol, silica and phenyl when selecting column material.
  • Particle size: Common HPLC columns in our range have particle sizes from 3µm to 10 µm.
  • Pore size: Mainly HPLC column models with a pore size between 100 A and 300 A are available in our store.

You can't find the right HPLC column for your analytical system or you need a column with larger dimensions? We are happy to help! Just contact us by e-mail or phone. We will search (and find!) the suitable product of your desired HPLC column manufacturer.

Overview of HPLC column manufacturers

Among the best known brands are for example Hamilton, Shodex (Inertsil), Hypersil and LiChrospher.

Hamilton is one of the best known HPLC column manufacturers worldwide and convinces with an outstanding product quality. For 35 years Hamilton has been serving the laboratory market with HPLC columns for various modes.

Columns from Shodex (Inertsil) have a particularly good separation performance compared to HPLC columns from other manufacturers, which is ensured by various stationary phases. Mainly, the high separation performance is achieved by polymers (copolymers).

Hypersil presents with "Thermo Scientific" a whole range of HPLC columns with different particle sizes and in different lengths.

LiChrospher is the brand of the largest supplier of HPLC products: Merck. This also includes LiChrorb HPLC columns. Numerous HPLC columns from Merck with different modifications are available in this section.

WICOM HPLC columns

In the field of laboratory analysis, we decided to specialize in HPLC and GC already 36 years ago. Wide market knowledge is available at WICOM as a supplier of laboratory supplies in this segment. Thus, we know the needs and problems of our customers and take them seriously. For this reason, we also manufacture various models of our own HPLC columns with different packing and filling materials. From preparative to semi-preparative columns - you can get the right model for your project from us. These are also generally less expensive than original columns and of equally high quality. In addition, we offer our customers a refill service for HPLC columns, which significantly reduces the costs compared to purchasing a new column and conserves resources.

Your contact for laboratory supplies

We offer a wide range of products, from consumables such as HPLC vials, GC columnsand seals for pumps to individual modules - including HPLC pumps, detectors and columns (HPLC and GC) - for your HPLC system. If you are looking for the most cost-effective purchase, we offer used HPLC modules that have been serviced and repaired by our expert technicians. Some of these used modules even leave our workshop with warranty periods of up to 3 years. Products of well-known brands like Altmann, Water, Agilent and many more can be found in the different categories of our store.

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