Syringe filter HPLC

Every sample that is analyzed in chromatography using an HPLC column must always be free of impurities such as dust. If this is not the case, the result of the analysis can be negatively influenced. In this case, the use of syringe filters whose material has already been tested for interfering substances ensures optimum sample preparation. At WICOM you will find a large selection of inexpensive filters for your HPLC column. Which type of syringe filter should be used depends on the area in which you want to use the filter. Depending on the material used and the filter or pore size, syringe filters have specific properties that are used for certain analyses Read more...
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PERFECT-FLOW® Syringe Filter for optimum batch consistency

The PERFECT-FLOW® Syringe Filters from WICOM are a cost-effective and high-quality solution for the preparation of your sample; time-consuming measures such as centrifugation and extraction (SPE) are no longer necessary when using our filters. Another advantage is the extended lifetime of your HPLC column: The PERFECT-FLOW® syringe filters retain even the smallest particles and thus prevent them from accumulating on the frit of the HPLC column, which could falsify the results of your analyses. By using these so-called syringe filters, you counteract wear and tear on your expensive equipment on the one hand and ensure the constant quality of your samples on the other.

Buy syringe filters from WICOM at a low price

With our PERFECT-FLOW® syringe filters we offer you an inexpensive alternative to conventional syringe filters - without compromising reliability and material quality. The large selection of different models allows you to find the right product for every individual application. Our specially developed syringe filters made in Germany can compete with the top products of the common manufacturers despite the favorable price.

Choosing the right syringe filter for HPLC

The design of a syringe filter is basically similar for all product variants: The filter membrane is installed in a plastic housing, which is usually made of high-purity polypropylene (PP housing) or also polyethylene (HD-PE housing). Both plastics are chemically highly stable and contain hardly any extractable substances in their pure state. In contrast, different materials are used for the membrane, depending on the application. The correct filter size must also be considered; the following guide values apply
  • Sample volumes up to 10 ml: 13 mm.
  • Sample volumes from 10 ml: 25 mn.
For the pore size you can choose between 0.20 µm and 0.45 µm. 0.20 µm is suitable for HPLC columns whose pore size is less than 3 µm. If the pore size of your HPLC column is less than 3.5 µm, you should use a filter with 0.45 µm

Membranes for tip filters

In order to cover as many areas of chromatography as possible, we offer our syringe filters with the following membranes: For work with organic media, we recommend using a membrane made of chemical-resistant Teflon (PTFE). Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for sterile filtration, on the other hand, is suitable for use with aggressive substances such as acids and bases. A membrane made of regenerated cellulose is suitable for an aqueous solution. These are used primarily in pharmaceutical analysis and are an environmentally friendly alternative to PES and other plastics. Nylon can be considered as a universal membrane, as this material is particularly versatile.

Syringe filters for laboratory analytics - other manufacturers

Even though our PERFECT-FLOW® syringe filters are ideally suited for any type of laboratory analytics using an HPLC column: Often - especially in the pharmaceutical industry - special filter types are exactly prescribed. For this reason, you will find comparable syringe filters from other manufacturers in our online store, in addition to other articles from the field of chromatography.
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